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What in the World is a Fuyu?

An integrated unit originally developed for second grade

Fuyu persimmons

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The Purpose of This Unit

The California Fuyu Growers Association is pleased to offer this harvest unit on Fuyu persimmons. It's purpose is to introduce more people to the Fuyu persimmon. We appreciate your interest in this special fruit and hope the unit will provide a unique experience for your class. These material can be used as an integrated unit or you can use the worksheets separately.

This lesson was originally developed by Jim and Lee Bathgate to promote the Fuyu industry for "Ag in the Classroom," a statewide program. The lesson was first implemented by Sarah Martin at Valley Center Primary School in her second grade classroom in October of 1992. The lesson was revised in 1997 by Kate & Richard Murty. The 1998 revision was been made by Kate Murty, Sally Sanderson, Lee Bathgate, and Jinny Elder. In 1999 the unit was made available on the internet.

Where can you get fruit for sampling?

Fuyu persimmons are in season late October through December. Plan a late autumn picnic in the country. The leaves of the Fuyu trees change color as the fruit is ripening to orange. These three members of the California Fuyu Growers Association in North San Diego County welcome families and provide picnic facilities. When visiting a farm, call ahead for directions and to be sure the fruit is available.

1. Fentiman Farms The address is10808 Reidy Canyon Trail, Escondido, 92026. The telephone is 760-746-1420.

2. Bar 2 Ranch The address is 14797 Hwy 76, Pauma Valley, 92061. The telephone is 760-742-3614.

Farmers' Markets are good sources for specialty crops like Fuyus. Take a copy of the "What in the World is a Fuyu?" and ask the farmers to donate non-astringent persimmons, at least two per student is nice. Non-astringent persimmons such as Jiros are also acceptable for Fuyus in this unit. If you must pay the going rate, you will be supporting California farmers. The San Diego Farmers' Markets are listed on

For Fuyu sampling, send home with each student:

  1. Fuyu persimons (two per child is nice)
  2. Fuyu Persimmon Recipe Handout
  3. Fuyu Home Questions

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