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San Diego County's Top Crops - 2015


Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

San Diego County has seen great expansion in the production of trees and shrubs. 


Indoor Flowering and Foliage Plants

he top farm commodity in San Diego County for more than two decades.  When combined with other ornamental categories, San Diego County ranks as the number one nursery and floral county in the nation.


Bedding Plants, Color

New varieties developed in San Diego County are leading a nationwide resurgence in the popularity of color for home gardens.

Farm Turkey


40% of all avocados produced in California come from San Diego County, making it the nation’s leading production area.


Cactus & Succulents

Cacti and Succulents are seeing a marked increase in popularity these days. Thanks to their drought tolerance, hardiness, and unique colors, shapes, and textures they’re being recognized for their myriad uses from wedding centerpieces to landscapes.



Lemons are typically harvested 3 or 4 times a year, and are ever-blooming; they bloom year round.



Oceanside and Camp Pendleton are home to the nation’s largest producer of vine-ripe tomatoes.

eggsEggs, Chicken Market

San Diego County is one of the
top five egg producing counties in
the nation. 4 million hens lay more than 800 million eggs per year in the county.



California produces 90% of all
strawberries in the United States. San Diego berries come in earlier than any other strawberries in the state. All California strawberries are hand picked to ensure only the highest quality berries are harvested.

herbaceous Perenials

Other Cut Flower Products