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Labor Compliance

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Having access to a reliable and legal workforce is important for any industry.  For farmers who have seasonal needs and produce a perishable product, that need is even more critical.  Farm Bureau is actively engaged in the national debate on comprehensive immigration reform that will help meet farming’s labor needs.    

Until reforms are enacted enforcement of existing laws will continue.  Employers are encouraged to meticulously follow the Form I-9 employment-eligibility verification process.  It is also advisable to review Form I-9’s on hand for current employees to make certain they have been filled out correctly.  Should Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials inform an employer that a Form I-9 audit will take place, the officials are obligated to give the employer three days notice of the intent to audit.

As policies evolve on immigration reform and labor enforcement, Farm Bureau will keep its members apprised. 

Farm Bureau members can get advice on labor rules and regulations through the Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS). FELS is a subscriber service, so fees apply. The goal of FELS is to help subscribers avoid costly labor management mistakes. You can learn more about the FELS services by visiting the FELS Web site at www.fels.org.