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San Diego Grown 365

San Deigo GrownSan Diego Grown 365 is a Farm Bureau owned brand that gives San Diego producers an edge in the marketplace. It is a trademark that has been in use by San Diego farmers since its development in 2004. The mark is a magenta sunburst with white lettering spelling out San Diego Grown 365. The sunburst resembles a quality seal of approval with 365 referencing San Diego’s ideal year-round growing climate.

San Diego GrownFarm Bureau saw early on that members could realize greater sales by identifying themselves as local producers. It has taken time, but now the idea and the brand are starting to stick. Many local wineries are using the brand to promote and identify San Diego wines, as well as multiple food producers like Mountain Meadow Mushroom, Sundial Farm, and Eben Haezer Poultry Ranch. Any San Diego County grower may sign a short and simple agreement to use the label at no cost and start identifying their products as locally grown.

For those concerned about how much space the mark will take up on their labels, there are options. Multiple sizes of the mark are available and they can be paired with PLU numbers and work as Country of Origin labels with minimal changes. Take advantage of this free marketing opportunity that is right in step with current consumer sentiment of desiring to buy local.
Contact the Farm Bureau office to get more information and to sign up. katie@sdfarmbureau.org, 760-745-3023.

To start using the San Diego Grown 365 trademark download the appropriate license agreement by clicking one of the below links. Farmers select the License Agreement for Farmers, and if you are a restaurant or retailer looking to identify locally produced products on your menu or in your store, select the License Agreement for Restaurants and Retailers Fill out and sign the agreement which details how you may use the mark appropriately, and send it to Casey Anderson at the Farm Bureau office for completion. Once the license agreement is accepted, an electronic version of the mark will be emailed to you for incorporation into your marketing

Here are additional resources to help you make the most of San Diego Grown 365!

Contact Casey Anderson for more information or if you have any questions. katie@sdfarmbureau.org,